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Allison’s Process
The way I naturally take in and process information during a session is sensory. My body tells me a lot about you, how you may be feeling both emotionally and physically. This is nothing more than a transference of sensory information.


Over the years, I have studied and practiced somatic therapy, and currently, I specialize in teaching physiology awareness (how your body feels on a sensational level). Becoming aware of these sensations unlocks the immobilization of false beliefs and experiences. 
Why This Therapy Works
Somatic Resonance


During sessions, as clients experience and communicate their own body sensations, I also provide feedback about my own body physiology. As strange as this may sound, the deep and enduring relationship I have with my own body, provides mentorship and power to clients. This feedback helps expand clients’ awareness of their own sensations. This combination of partnership provides incalculable power and benefit. 
A Few Words About Me
I ‘m HUGE on personal growth and have been through years of it. I get what it’s like to be on the client side., I have am married with two children, I love nature and being outside, I lead meditation ceremonies, I will meet you right where you are, I will challenge you, I will hold you accountable and encourage you to take risks. I will show you why and how you can love your deepest truest self.
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I will always respect your information, and it will be kept private.

Allison Gomer, MA,  MAC 
Denver, CO