$1,530.00 USD

Sacred Psychotherapy and Ceremony

Looking for a spiritual and mental reset to boost creativity, spark a breakthrough, and deepen your connection to spirit?

This 9-week combo course is curated for each individual. Sessions include talk therapy, learning body somatics, chakra meditations, energy work meditations, energy clearing, and ceremony all with professional guidance.

Sessions include both Zoom and in-person meetings. 

What’s Included?

Free 15 min Consultation

1st session - Investigation - 90 min - talk about background, defining and refining goals, what are the problem areas, what have you tried, what has worked and what hasn’t? Develop a plan with setting intentions. This is designed to fit you.


8 Combined Sessions include  -

  • Talk therapy 20 min of what has come up for you during the previous week, moving into the plan we come up with from the 1st session - This might entail some of all of the following:
  • Teaching body somatic meditation - helps with relaxation, becoming more present.
  • Rainbow chakra alignment meditation
  • Energy work meditations
  • Mini cacao ceremony at the end