What Is Raw Cacao?

In ceremonial doses, raw cacao is a heart opener.  Raw Cacao is pure chocolate that never has come into contact with heat. It is a safe way to experience awakening, revelation, and inner healing. There are 3 main molecular components that help to assist in this process.

Unlike psychedelic or hallucinogenic drugs, Cacao does not give you a high, and it does not take you on a journey. This plant is feminine in nature, meaning that it is gentle. Cacao invites you to deeply journey to the emotional center of your body, your heart chakra.  Being a grounded stimulant, cacao is incredibly beneficial for meditation. The two go hand in hand beautifully!

What Can You Experience During A Cacao Ceremony?

Enhanced creativity

Enhanced awareness of self

A deeper love for self and others

Increased connection to others

A spiritual journey

A space to enter into meditation

Elevated mood

Increased focus

More sensitivity to your own emotion

Following your heart

A feeling of openness and acceptance

Increased ability to meditate

Grounded in body

From his own words, Mason's experience

"The group guided meditation I experienced with Allison was beneficial to my health and wellness on so many levels. In our overstimulated and often mayhem driven modern world, I find it difficult to get my mind to slow down and relax on any given day. Having a professional like Allison who is kind, thoughtful, and notably intuitive made all the difference. Her expertise and creativity facilitated what felt like a full nervous system reset. This deeper state of relaxation immediately led to noticeable improvements in my sleep, mood, and overall feeling of wellness. If there is one thing we can all be doing more of to enhance our mental health and wellness, I believe meditation is at the top of the list. For those who have trouble slowing down or who don’t feel comfortable with the practice of meditation, guided meditations with Allison are an amazing opening into that world that I would highly recommend!"

- Dr. Mason Stabler, DACM 

Raw Cacao - Who’s it for and What Problem Does It Solve?

Entrepreneurs who are seeking new ways for increased creativity, cacao will bring a higher sense of focus and visualization. New inspirations may flow with ease. 

Athletes who are desiring higher levels of physical health, cacao can bring an increase in focus, performance, and energy.

For those of us who are seeking healthier bodies, cacao may be calling you. Can you believe it contains more calcium than cow’s milk? Densely packed with iron, magnesium, and antioxidants, this superfood carries infection-fighting properties and anti-inflammatory agents. And on top of that, raw chocolate can positively impact brain function such as memory and cognitive functions! Um, yes please!

Cacao contains natural compounds that are known for reducing anxiety and lifting moods, so for those who struggle with anxiety and depression, cacao positively affects various neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline, anandamide and phenylethylamine. Amazingly, it works against stress and is a natural antidepressant!

Looking for a boost in energy? Cacao can be your helper. Its  nutrient dense nature gives the body a natural boost in energy. Theobromine, the chemical compound is an alkaloid, which is responsible for the stimulating effects of cacao. It is a heart stimulant, dilates blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. Compared to caffeine, theobromine gives a longer and softer energy without the peak and dip that many people experience. See ya coffee!

People who are stuck in their heads and want to explore their heart space may want to consider drinking cacao. This beautiful plant opens the gateway to spirit and wisdom from a heart-centered place. 

Some of us have trouble staying present in meditation. If you’re looking for increased grounded focus, as well as a profound level of permission to explore meditation deeper, then cacao is a great tool. 

This plant medicine is gentle in nature and yet has the power to help us see deeper into ourselves. For those who are looking for increased spirituality and an increased connection to self, I encourage you to explore cacao.

So many of us are looking for a place to connect to others who are like minded in nature and in spirit. This plant calls us to become more connected to others. It invites us to gather with each other, beyond social media and screens. Something this world could use more of.

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