Guided Cacao Ceremonies

 These imaginative meditations open the gates to experience joy, spirituality, creativity, imagination, and inner wisdom and so much more. . 

All Guided Cacao Meditations are 60 - 90 minutes long and are done in person.

Private Individual Cacao Ceremony

A private meditation written specifically for you and your individual intention.

Private Duo Cacao Ceremony

Two people together during the experience. The meditation is written with the purpose of including and combining both people’s intentions. Or, if preferred, one intention can be written “umbrella style” for the  meditation.

Heart Speak  Cacao Ceremony  

Join us for transformative group experiences facilitated by Allison Gomer and her cousin Naga Rising. These ceremonies are woven with their rich family lineage and infused with their unique expertise.These ceremonies are designed to open hearts and awaken self-love intelligence.

Corporate Cacao Ceremony

An excellent and profound team building experience for a business. The intention for this meditation is written “umbrella style”.

Rainbow Chakra Alignment Meditation Add on

Add this 10 min Chakra alignment at the end of your Cacao Meditation or courses. This visually guided meditation energetically cleanses,  aligns, and balances the 7 chakras. It includes an energy healing with crystals and touch.

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